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March 11, 2011. The unprecedented disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake that shook Japan was a major event that affected our outlook on life and values. And the threat of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident continues. Meanwhile, we came to think about "eating", one of the most fundamental activities of human life.

We want to focus on, for example, the scenery of the dining table of ordinary people. We believe that the basics of eating are on the daily table. It's a place where you decide what you want to eat, where to choose the ingredients, how to cook, what dishes to eat and how to spend time, all on your own. We would like to listen to stories about eating at the dining tables in various places, cover cooking, etc., and rethink about eating from the scenery of the dining table.

In addition, we want to know where and how the ingredients that we put into our bodies are grown, and to eat them with great care. That's why we go to mountains and villages, sites of production and processing in the sea, meet people involved there, food that grows in the local climate, how to eat, etc. I want to reconfirm various things and share them with as many people as possible.
In addition, we will introduce information that enhances awareness of eating from various perspectives, starting with food.

That's why I want to explore the meaning of “eating”, the fun, the importance, and what I need to think about for the future from the “food” again.

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