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an/other TOKYO

What we seek is not merely something that is different from the standard (the other one/the others), but to deviate ever so slightly from the standard perspective or to express it with a minor twist in “another” viewpoint.

Whether it is something completely different from the past, or something brand new, a space filled with such substances could sometimes turn into stress.
That is why, we believe that “another” perspective that derails only slightly from existing values is just about right.

Nothing cutting edge, just a little brush up of common values. Its accumulation represents the worldview of which we, an/other, and our corporation,, are aiming for.

CD: Kazuki Kokaji (zig inc.)
AD+D: Chilli Oka (zig inc.)
St: Yuji Takenaka
ED+W: Sawako Akune(GINGRICH
HM: Kimitaka Kinoshita, Anzu Miyamoto (KATE)
MD: Eru Aoba, Jiana (STANFORD), Karin (TORIHADA), Satoshi Doi (LIGHT management), Komei Ichino (ANORE Inc,)
Cl: an/other

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